U.S. Political Polling Update

For those of us fascinated by what is happening with the mid-term election, here is an update on some of the latest polling results for some of the key races.

Nevada (Senate)

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is facing his toughest re-election test yet against former State Senator and tea partier, Sharon Angle.

The latest poll numbers from Rasmussen Reports has the race tied up at 47% a piece. When leaners (those who say they are undecided but prompted to say if they are leaning towards a candidate) are included, the race is 50% Angle, 48% Reid.

Florida (Senate)

With Gov. Charlie Crist running as an independent, Florida is shaping up to be one of the most interesting senate races of ’10.  The latest Mason-Dixon poll (Aug 9-11) of 625 likely voters finds:

Crist (I)           39%
Rubio (R)       38%
Greene (D)    12%
Undecided    11%

Kentucky (Senate)

Former GOP and Libertarian presidential candidate and U.S. Representative Ron Paul’s son Rand won the GOP nomination in Kentucky with the support of the tea party movement and faces off against state Attorney General Jack Conway.  The latest Reuters poll (Aug 9-11) of 435 likely voters finds:

Paul (R)          45%
Conway (D)   40%
Undecided    15%

Among registered voters, the race is tied at 40% each.

Pennsylvania (Senate)

In 2009, then Republican Senator  Arlen Spector crossed the floor and joined with the Democrats.  A year later and he was defeated in the Democratic primary by Representative Joe Sestak.  Sestak faces a tough challenge from former Rep. Pat Toomey.  The latest Public Policy Polling survey (Aug 14-16) of 585 likely voters finds:

Toomey (R)   45% (+4 from June)
Sestak (D)       36% (-4)
Undecided     20%

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