New Brunswick Goes Blue

Yesterday, New Brunswick voters went to the polls after a four-week campaign. The Progressive Conservative Party, led by David Alward, won a historic victory winning a majority of seats and defeating the Liberal Party led by Shawn Graham. This was the time in New Brunswick history that a first-term government was not re-elected.

Here is a break down of the results:

PC: 48.9% and 42 seats
Liberal:  34.4% and 13 seats
NDP: 10.4%% and no seats
Green: 4.5% and no seats
PANB: 1.2% and no seats

Last week, Abacus Data released  results of a survey that showed the PCs leading, but the Liberals not far behind.  However, 17% of respondents said they were still undecided.

Two things are clear about this election:

1. Undecided voters turned overwhelmingly towards the PCs in the last week of the campaign

2. The NB Power deal was toxic to the Liberal Party’s re-election chances.

The Telegraph Journal has a good wrap-up of the election’s results.

David Coletto is CEO of Abacus Data and leads its Public Affairs research practice. He has a PhD from the University of Calgary and is an adjunct professor at Carleton University.

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