Naheed Nenshi: Canada’s Mayor?

Yesterday I wrote about some of the details about Canadians’ impressions of Andrew Coyne.  Today I turn my focus onto another rumoured but highly unlikely Liberal leadership candidate, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi (btw Mr. Nenshi wondered where his special blog post was, so here you go Your Worship).

Nationally,  a majority of respondents (61%) were unsure of their impression of Mr. Nenshi.  Seventeen percent had a favourable impression of the Calgary mayor while 22% had an unfavourable impression.

Mr. Nenshi’s was more known and liked among certain groups.

  • Albertans (not surprisingly) were most likely to know Mr. Nensi and have a favourable impression of him.  Four in ten Albertans surveyed (43%) had a favourable impression while 18% had an unfavourable impression.
  • He is slightly more popular among younger Canadians than older ones.  22% of those aged 18 to 29 have a favourable impression of Mr. Nenshi compared to 15% of those 60 years of age and older.
  • Those Liberal voters know the Mayor, like the Mayor.  One third of Liberal voters in 2011 have a favourable impression of him compared with 18% who have an unfavourable impression.  He is less popular among Conservative voters (13% favourable).
  • Respondents with a post-graduate degree are particularly fond of Mr. Nenshi with 46% have a favourable impression and 21% have an unfavourable impression.
For a municipal politician, Naheed Nenshi has a fairly good national profile and is seen quite positively in his home province.  If any one could get elected in Alberta as a Liberal, it’s probably him.