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Mitt Romney’s electability problem

John Ellis has a great piece on the 2012 GOP nomination race in which he argues why Texas Governor Rick Perry is a lot closer to winning the nomination than we think.

This paragraph on Mitt Romney nicely sums why I think Romney can’t win.  While Romney will likely be competitive in New Hampshire, he’s going to have a tough time winning delegates before some of the bigger states in the NE come along.

Romney’s problem is four-fold: he’s politically “fungible” (to put it politely), he’s from the wrong region of the country (New England), he’s of the wrong religion (Mormonism) and he’s too closely identified with Wall Street (Bain Capital).  The Republican base would prefer to nominate a strong conservative, evangelical Christian from the Sunbelt who, at the least, shares their disdain for Wall Street’s reckless stewardship of the nation’s financial system.