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Mad as hell?

I just got off the phone with Rock 101.9’s morning show host John Bolton.  We talked about the Abacus poll released last week that showed that 25% of Canadians agreed that they are as mad as hell.

For me, the “mad as hell” result was not the most distressing.  It was the majority of Canadians who disagreed that the next generation of Canadians will be better off than their own and the majority who agreed that things were better off 20 years ago.

The recession has clearly taken a lot out of a lot of people.  Many Canadians are cranky, pessimistic, and believe that regardless of what they do nothing is going to change.  We asked a number of questions about the economy and the stimulus plan that we will be releasing in a few days.  They show that the recession has had major impacts on many Canadians and very few are feeling any personal benefit from the stimulus spending.

We asked Canadians what they wanted most, apart from good health.  And do you know what the most popular reply was?  To make life a little easier.  That’s it.  Not a mansion, or a fast expensive car.  A lot of Canadians just want a break.

What does this mean for politicians?  I think they need to focus on the little things.  Reconnect with Canadians not through elaborate plans to re-energize the economy or reform of big systems.  Focus on making small improvements to things that effect our day to day lives – give people a break.

If you have four minutes, watch the scene from “Network” where the “mad as hell” phrase originated…