Canadians Split on Recent Lance Armstrong Doping Allegations, but Unlikely to Change their Support for Cancer Foundation

With the Tour de France now in full swing, fans and non-fans alike have been pondering the most recent round of doping allegations against cycling’s biggest star.

Although retired from professional cycling, Lance Armstrong has found himself once again on the defensive, both from charges laid by the United States Anti-Doping Agency and in the court of public opinion.  Interestingly, these most recent charges are not accompanied by a positive test – only the testimony of other cyclists, many of whom have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in the past.


In a recent poll conducted at the end of June, Abacus Data asked Canadians for their thoughts on Lance Armstrong and the recent charges, beginning with a question on overall impressions.  Overall, 45% of Canadians had a favourable impression, 40% neutral, and just 15% unfavourable; though respondents were split over whether or not Armstrong used drugs.

However, more may be at stake than just Armstrong’s professional record.  Through the Livestrong Foundation, Armstrong has become a powerful activist and fundraiser in the fight against cancer and in support of general healthy living – a reputation which may be put in jeopardy by a guilty verdict.  Canadians seem to have faith though, as the Abacus Data survey also revealed that the recent charges would have no impact on the vast majority (82%) of Canadians’ propensity to donate to the Lance Armstrong Foundation or purchase products bearing the Livestrong brand.