What is New Market Research According to The Experts?

New Market Research

I’ve often been asked by friends, “What exactly is new market research?”, so here’s a quick blog post to explain what new market research is in the best way I know how … by having other people answer for me.Traditional market research could simply be defined as a process that generally gathers and analyzes information about the moving of good or services from producer to consumer.

What is “new market research” in 140 characters or less (or sometimes more):
A short list of the tweets I received from the first ten #MRX experts on Twitter to respond to my question.

TomHCAnderson – “2 me #NGMR is realizing that there’s more 2 research than surveys & fgroups. In one single word, it’s ANALYTICS!” … “I’ll add to ANALYTICS, Strategy+Engagement+Technology+Deeper and more data = NGMR”

adricrocha – “#newmr=cross-research,data integration,engagement,interactivity,analytics,strategy,consulting,multi touch-points”

fichtnerbass – “how to define #newmr? everything old is new again”

tomewing – “#newMR is all the stuff that made you think “that’ll never work” when you first heard about it.”

RayPoynter – “NewMR, IMO, is the research that emerges when the old positivist, objective, pseudo-science approach is superseded”

tomderuyck – “it’s about listening, co-creation, participants vs. respondents, interactive tools & researcher = peer”

JHenning – “21st century MR. MR that uses emerging technology (from neuroscience to SMR).”

andrewjeavons – “I’d define it as lipstick on a pig…but I’m a cynic…;-)”
berniemalinoff – “Market Research: science of explaining what people think, why they do & what marketer should do next” … “Our role is to explain attitudes & behaviours … And what a marketer should do next. Tools evolve, same mission.”
LoveStats – “No such thing as new research. The methods never change. The media change.”

My Definition of New Market Research:

To try and summarize for everyone what new market research is, I would say it is the following:

1. Better research strategies
2. Better respondent or participant engagement
3. Better and new research technologies
4. More data for analysis
5. The use of advanced text analytics
6. More integration of data, research tools, media and methods
7. Old research methods using new tools or media
8. Research that goes beyond the science

Please feel free to comment below, or on Twitter, with your ideas of what new market research is.

Thanks again for reading!

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