Top Market Research Blogs of 2012: Open Call for Nominations

This year the New Market Research Top Blogs Competition is going to be huge! Based on the success of last year’s Top Market Research Blog competition, I’ve decided to dedicate a large chunk of my time and efforts to making this year’s competition way better! Last year when I started this blog I created a list of as many market research blogs as I could find in order to come up with the top 25 market research blogs of 2011, but I quickly realized that I may have missed a few potential candidates. Therefore, this year I’masking for your help in the form of nominating ALL of your favourite market research related blogs (including blogs about web analytics, text analytics, neuromarketing, sampling, surveys, etc!). Please submit as many blogs as you’d like, because at this stage the nominations only admit the blogs into the competition and do not count towards a victory.

Help out your fellow market research bloggers and submit their blogs to the New Market Research Top Blogs Competition today!
Please send any and all nominations (Blog URL and Blog Title) to me before September 30,2011 through Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook

I will be posting all of the nominees on September 1, 2011 at which time I will release additional information about this growing annual competition! I’m truly looking forward to see all of the excellent competition this year, so don’t hold back!
Please help spread the word by promoting this #mrx article across all of your social networks and feel free to use the hashtag #topmrx !

Thanks everyone for your help and please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

* UPDATE 09/01/2011: The list of nominees has been posted! Click here to see who made it on the #mrx list.


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