Top Market Research Blogs of 2011 – The 25 contenders for the top 10 places

So you want to see what I predict will be the top market research blogs for 2011? Well, over the next week I will be narrowing this list of 25 down to only 10 contenders. I will reveal that VIP list of 10 and then each week thereafter I will write an article revealing who the winners are from the tenth place blog all the way up to the first place blog. Are you excited yet?!

I want to make sure that one thing is clear, all market research blogs were included in my decision regardless of whether or not they were corporate, collaborative, or personal. For me all sources of insight are valuable, but with limited time you need to know which sources are most valuable. Whether the source is called a blog, an online magazine or a news site, it usually means the same thing; it provides insight into a specific set of topics.

Before I list the top 25 market research blogs that I will be comparing over the next week, I’m going to provide you with some background on how these 25 were chosen. The blogs had to meet the following requirements for eligibility:

1. Completely open to the public for viewing without registration or fees.
2. Listed in the DMOZ.
3. Has existed for more than 1 month with a minimum average of 1 post per week.
4. Had an article posted within the last 31 days about the market research.
5. Was listed in at least one market research online directory.
6. Was easily found by a market researcher not familiar with market research blogs, news sites, or online magazines.

The next round of judging is going to be much more complex in order to narrow it down to just 10 contenders. Check back next week to see who makes the cut!

NOTE: All web ratings and judgements to create this list were made on December 14, 2010.


In alphabetical order …

Google Page Rank: 5
Alexa Rank: 1,012,361
Backlinks (Yahoo): 4,154

comScore Voices
Google Page Rank: 6
Alexa Rank: 4,988
Backlinks (Yahoo): 24,991

Google Page Rank: 4
Alexa Rank: 2,709,626
Backlinks (Yahoo): 2,866
Google Page Rank: 5
Alexa Rank: 10,554
Backlinks (Yahoo): 106,142
Google Page Rank: 4
Alexa Rank: 459,495
Backlinks (Yahoo): 2,194
Google Page Rank: 3
Alexa Rank: 3,930,324
Backlinks (Yahoo): 916
Google Page Rank: 0
Alexa Rank: 2,286,947
Backlinks (Yahoo): 5,784
Google Page Rank: 3
Alexa Rank: 1,535,587
Backlinks (Yahoo): 502
Google Page Rank: 5
Alexa Rank: 547,965
Backlinks (Yahoo): 1,351
Google Page Rank: 6
Alexa Rank: 139,321
Backlinks (Yahoo): 33,528
Google Page Rank: 5
Alexa Rank: 396,985
Backlinks (Yahoo): 23,827

Google Page Rank: 7
Alexa Rank: 2,771
Backlinks (Yahoo): 923

Google Page Rank: 7
Alexa Rank: 49,863
Backlinks (Yahoo): 100,807

QuestionPro Blog
Google Page Rank: 6
Alexa Rank: 12,303
Backlinks (Yahoo): 67,005

Google Page Rank: N/A
Alexa Rank: 17,080,173
Backlinks (Yahoo): 24
Google Page Rank: 0
Alexa Rank: 860,759
Backlinks (Yahoo): 955

Research Magazine
Google Page Rank: 5
Alexa Rank: 195,824
Backlinks (Yahoo): 20,657

Google Page Rank: 2
Alexa Rank: 14,903,659
Backlinks (Yahoo): 583
Google Page Rank: 4
Alexa Rank: 1,303,825
Backlinks (Yahoo): 2,875
Google Page Rank: 7
Alexa Rank: 16,561
Backlinks (Yahoo): 33,127
Google Page Rank: 5
Alexa Rank: 9,659
Backlinks (Yahoo): 31,423
Google Page Rank: 4
Alexa Rank: 795,926
Backlinks (Yahoo): 15,665
Google Page Rank: 6
Alexa Rank: 25,064
Backlinks (Yahoo): 2,881

Google Page Rank: 3
Alexa Rank: 3,193,152
Backlinks (Yahoo): 1,733

Zebra Research
Google Page Rank: 3
Alexa Rank: 6,541,875
Backlinks (Yahoo): 622

Web definitions for those who need them:
“The Open Directory Project (ODP), also known as Dmoz (from, its original domain name), is a multilingual open content directory of World Wide Web links. It is owned by Netscape, but it is constructed and maintained by a community of volunteer editors.” – (more info)
PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page, used by the Google Internet search engine that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of “measuring” its relative importance within the set.” – (more info)
Alexa rank represents the approximate number of websites in the world that have the popularity higher than the given site. It is expressed in relatively big numbers (the smaller the better).” – (more info)
“Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. Inbound links were originally important (prior to the emergence of search engines) as a primary means of web navigation; today their significance lies in search engine optimization (SEO).” – (more info)

Unfortunately there were a few other blogs that I would have loved to include in this list, other than mine of course, but I had to limit it to 25. There was one blog in particular that I wish had  made the cut. It seems to have excellent content, but very little effort seems to be put into the blog’s front-end coding, design, and web presence. However, if you get a chance, take a look at the extremely unique and detailed “Ipsos Vantis – Innovation Point of View Blog” and let me know what you think.

Do you think I missed a worthy contender in this list?! Then let me know!

Thanks again for taking the time to read our blog.

Sean Copeland is a certified marketing research professional (CMRP) known for his broad knowledge of the research workflow, his disruptive approach to problem solving and for building strong client relationships. In over 5 years Sean has developed, sold, executed, and managed hundreds of consumer research studies using a variety of new and traditional research methodologies.

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