Top Market Research Blogs of 2011 – The 10 Finalists

It’s time to see what I predict will be the top 10 market research blogs for 2011!

For those of you that haven’t read my previous post about how I came to decide on the 25 blogs for comparison, please read “Top Market Research Blogs of 2011 – The 25 contenders for the top 10 places”.

As you may have guessed, I’ve used web rankings and analytics to determine who I think will be the top 10 market research blogs of 2011. I’ve decided on 4 main measures to predict the future success of these blogs  in the market research community; Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Yahoo Backlinks, and a custom measure of my own that I’ve decided to call “Focused Relevance”.

I hope you find this brief analysis (mostly charts and diagrams) as interesting as I did!

NOTE: Web traffic sample sizes are not shown or used in this analysis as they are not an accurate measurement when used alone to predict future website behavior. All measurements are from the main page of each blog. All measurements were taken on December 15, 2010.

Key findings of this research:

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1. Googe PageRank (more info)

NielsonWire, PewResearchCenter, and Survey Gizmo Blog lead in PageRank, with the majority of other market research blogs falling somewhere in the middle of the ranks.

2. Alexa Rank (more info)

NOTE: Size of titles are reflective of the number of websites the blog is ranked above
NielsonWire, comScore Voices, Cvent Survey, The Forrester Blog, QuestionPro Blog, SurveyGizmo Blog, and Voice of Vovici Blog all have notable web rankings with Alexa.

3. Yahoo Backlinks (more info)

Cvent Blog, PewResearchCenter, QuestionPro Blog, Market Research World, SurveyGizmo Blog, The Forrester Blog, comScore Voices, mrweb Daily Research News, Research Magazine, and Tom H.C. Anderson are the top 10 blogs when it comes to website backlinks.

4. Focused Relevance (based on the number of relevant market research mentions by the density of those mentions when compared to all content on the blog)

Quirk’s Blog, Conversition Blog, Zebra Research, GreenBook Market Research Blog, and Tom H.C. Anderson have the most relevant and focused blog content.

So what does all this mean?! Well, I knew you would be wondering that, so of course I took the time to look at all of these findings to develop a simple list of the blogs that I predict will be the top 10 market research blogs in 2011:

In alphabetical order …

comScore Voices

Cvent Survey

Market Research World

Latest article (December 8, 2010): First Annual Harris Poll Youth EquiTrend® Study


Latest article (December 20, 2010): Purchase Intent for 3DTV Varies Around the Globe


Latest article (December 20, 2010): Baby Boomers Approach Age 65 — Glumly

QuestionPro Blog

Latest article (December 20, 2010): What is Online Research Sample?

The Forrester Blog for Market Research Professionals
Latest article (December 20, 2010): Trends That Will Shape Market Research In 2011: Organization, Technology, And Social

Tom H. C. Anderson – Next Gen Market Research
Latest article (December 20, 2010): Top-10 Most Popular College Magazines

Quirk’s Blog
Latest article (December 20, 2010): Quirk’s has been spoofed!

Voice of Vovici Blog
Latest article (December 20, 2010): Spies Like Us

NOTE: Latest blog articles were collected on December 20, 2010.

There were five sites that I had an especially difficult time not including in the list because of the opportunity they have to perform well next year, so I’m listing them here as blogs that will be honorable in 2011:

– Conversition Blog

– GreenBook Market Research Blog

– mrweb Daily Research News

– Research Magazine

– surveygizmo Blog

Thanks once again for taking the time to read my latest blog article and please comment when you have a moment,

Sean Copeland.

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