Science Fiction Futures are Present Day Realities – Insight Innovation Exchange NA 2013

Ari Popper, CEO of SciFuturesDuring the first day at the Insight Innovation Exchange there was a clear theme emerging. However, it wasn’t until Ari Popper, CEO of SciFutures, spoke on Tuesday that this theme became so clear. Disruptive technology based around extensive data collection and analysis isn’t something that might happen, it is something that is happening now and is happening across every aspect of our world.

We aren’t at a technological turning point, we’ve just passed it.

There were many traditional “market researchers” at the IIeX event in Philadelphia, but there were equally as many scientists from a wide variety of disciplines. These scientists have jumped at the new opportunities of our changing society … our society where data is everything.

Data has evolved into an organic being, that is rapidly absorbing Centillions of silos of data appendages. The more we feed it with our knowledge, the more it grows.  The more it knows about us, the more it interacts with us and provides what we need.

Technology has outpaced the general population’s limited understanding of the world. We will accept this technology as a society at a rapid pace, because we won’t have a choice. There will be those who resist new technology at first, but those who resist will all eventually adopt what others have  in order to maintain their place in society.

gesture technolgy Minority ReportUsing Smartphone adoption as a comparison, Palm introduced these devices for the first time to North America in 2011. Most of society wondered why they would need to check their email, make appointments or browse the Internet on their phones. Now jump forward to 2013, and 1.08 billion of the world’s population is estimated to have Smartphones sitting in their pockets every day. Not to mention the rapid adoption of 2013 technologies like Google Glass.

The technologies of popular films such as Star Trek, Blade Runner, and The Minority Report are no longer concepts. Rather, these revolutionary technologies are working products that are growing in popularity in our current world. Data is our way of connecting and integrating ourselves in the world we live and we will set our privacy concerns aside to evolve together as a society.

Sean Copeland is a certified marketing research professional (CMRP) known for his broad knowledge of the research workflow, his disruptive approach to problem solving and for building strong client relationships. In over 5 years Sean has developed, sold, executed, and managed hundreds of consumer research studies using a variety of new and traditional research methodologies.

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