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Quirks Marketing Research Review Blog Scores 7th Place in Top Market Research Blogs of 2011

Quirks Marketing Research Review Blog

It just happens to be that time again when I post where another one of the market research blogs placed in my top 10!

Have no idea what this is about? Week after week I’ve posted an original blog review for one of the top 10 market research blogs of 2011 to reveal where that blog placed in the top 10.

Just incase you haven’t been following these stories from the beginning, take a look at the article when I first revealed the top 25 blogs, “Top Market Research Blogs of 2011 – The 25 contenders for the top 10 places“, and also when I revealed the top 10 blogs, “Top Market Research Blogs of 2011 – The 10 Finalists“.

NOTE: Based on my list of top 10 blogs, I have ranked the blogs in order from 1 to 10 based solely on my subjective analysis of their market research related content. Please keep in mind that I highly encourage comments!

In 7th place for top market research blogs of 2011 is Quirk’s Marketing Research Review Blog!

What is this market research blog about?

Quirk’s Market Research Review Blog is only part of a much larger information driven website for market researchers. The blog itself offers an assortment of short and long articles written by a variety of experts.

“A Blog for Buyers of Marketing Research Products and Services” – Quirk’s

Here is a short list of some of the resources that the larger Quirk’s website offers online:

  1. Articles in an online directory
  2. Research discussion groups
  3. Post or apply to industry job openings
  4. Search for upcoming events
  5. Find research suppliers and RFPs

The Quirk’s website overall reminds me a bit of Market Research World in the sense that it is trying to offer a wide variety of information to market researchers all in one place.

Want to know more? Take a look at the brief summary of the history of Quirk’s!

What makes this blog good and what makes it bad?

The Quirk’s blog is something I would recommend to market researchers who enjoy a casual read about once per week about things that are generally very industry specific. On the other hand, I would highly recommend the site to EVERY market researcher for the enormous amount of resources it has to offer outside of the blog.

The blog articles are often opinions or thoughts on specific areas of market research and are looking for reader engagement and comments. However, too often there aren’t enough reader comments to start an interesting discussion or debate. I think if mass media stories or popular industry posts were referenced in the articles more often it might help. Luckily the blog is updated with articles periodically about once per week to keep readers coming back for something new.

This is another one of those market research sites that has a pretty good blog, but also offers a good helping of useful industry specific resources for anyone working in the market research industry.

What are this blog’s five most recent articles?

Did you happen to enjoy this review? Then please come back next week to find out which market research blog placed in 6th place! Oh, and if your blog didn’t make the 2011 list, stop worrying because later in the year there will be a new and exciting top blog competition!


Sean Copeland (@copeland1985)