NielsenWire Scores 10th Place in Top Market Research Blogs of 2011

It’s finally time to reveal where each of the market research blogs placed in the top 10! In case you weren’t aware, each week I will be writing a short blog review for each one of the top 10 market research blogs of 2011 where I will also reveal where they placed in the top 10!

If you haven’t been following these stories from the beginning then take a look the article when I revealed the top 25, titled “Top Market Research Blogs of 2011 – The 25 contenders for the top 10 places and also when I revealed the top 10 in an article titled “Top Market Research Blogs of 2011 – The 10 Finalists“.

NOTE: Using my list of top 10 blogs, I have ranked the blogs in order from 1 to 10 based solely on my subjective analysis of their market research related content. 

In 10th place for top market research blogs of 2011 is NielsenWire!

What is this market research blog about?
NielsenWire focuses on using its own survey-based findings to present news stories to the public. The blog has a very broad range of topics it covers on a daily basis, which aids in its overall popularity with the general public and other news sites.

What makes this blog good and what makes it bad?
This blog is good for researchers that like to see validity in top news stories and a general understanding of consumer trends. The website is updated very regularly, often more frequently than once per day. What this site doesn’t offer is market researcher specific news or information. I recommend visiting this blog when you want the newest general audience stories with numbers to back them up.

What are this blog’s five most recent articles?

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Thanks again for reading this article and come back next week to see what blog placed in 9th place!

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