Next Gen Market Research Blog Scores 1st Place in Top Market Research Blogs of 2011

Next Gen Market Research Blog

Did you see this coming?! This is my final blog post of this series revealing why Tom H.C. Anderson’s Next Gen Market Research (#NGMR) blog scored 1st place in the top market research blogs of 2011!  

If you aren’t sure what this “top 10 market research blogs of 2011” thing is all about; every week I have been posting a blog review for each of the top 10 market research blogs of 2011 in which I reveal where and why that blog placed in the top 10. I highly encourage you to leave a comment on this article if you don’t agree with my choices or have any questions for me.

Haven’t been following my top market research blog articles right from the start? You should really read the articles when I first revealed “The 25 contenders for the top 10 places” and also when I revealed “The 10 Finalists” in order to get some background on this article.

NOTE: Since week one I have been selecting from my list of top 10 market research blogs in order to rank the blogs in order from 1 to 10 based only on my subjective analysis of their market research related content.

In 1st place for top market research blogs of 2011 is the Next Gen Market Research Blog!

What is this market research blog about?

Today the blog that I’m reviewing is managed by the market research online celebrity, Tom H.C. Anderson, Founder of Anderson Analytics.

“Tom H. C. Anderson is the founder and managing partner of Anderson Analytics, a full-service market research consultancy that takes a “next generation” approach to research by fusing advanced analytics and traditional methodologies with leading edge technologies like data and text mining. Recently named one of the industry’s “Four under 40″ market research leaders by the American Marketing Association (2010), Tom has also been proclaimed the “Uncrowned Father of Web 3.0 Market Research” (Research Business Report, 2009). In addition, Tom is a prominent blogger, recognized authority on social media, and the founder of Next Gen Market Research (NGMR), one of the most active networking groups for market researchers on the Web.” –

I began following Tom H.C. Anderson on Twitter (@tomhcanderson), along with fifty-thousand other people, back in October 2010 and soon after began following his NGMR blog, joined his online NGMR community, and joined his NGMR LinkedIn community. I’ll be the first to admit that seeing all that Tom had done online for the market research industry was my inspiration for my New Market Research blog and all of my involvement on Twitter, LinkedIn, and elsewhere online.

When browsing through the Next Gen Market Research blog you’ll notice that it is almost always updated more often than once per week, which is a considerable feat considering Tom is the sole writer on the blog. The articles tend to focus on new market research methodologies, events, or professionals and always include a creative spin from Tom. Some of the most sought after NGMR blog articles include lengthy interviews with experts such Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the MR Heretic and more!

What makes this blog good and what makes it bad?

The Next Gen Market Research (NGMR) blog is by far one of the most read blogs by market researchers in the industry. It is well-known for being upfront, honest, and progressive in an industry that often relies heavily on conservative and scientifically mature methods. The blog isn’t for the casual market researcher though, as the articles are written to target those who have a vested interest in where the industry is today and where it is headed in the next few years.

Through his blog, Twitter account, and communities, Tom aims to get every market researcher more involved in and informed about the newest market research discussions online. The NGMR blog doesn’t just offer a plethora of articles and opinions, dating back to December of 2007, but it also offers links to some of the most influential market researchers online. Take a look at the NGMR list of top market research blogs or the NGMR Twitter list and you’ll be sure to find a dozen market researchers that speak to your interests.

There is only one thing that I think would improve the NGMR blog, which is a visual redesign, but of course content is king!

As I mentioned earlier in this article, Tom has been an inspiration to me and many others in the market research industry for his involvement online and offline. I hold him in high regards for all of his advice, efforts, and controversial statements about issues in the market research industry. I would highly recommend that you follow him if you have any interest in what the latest and greatest thoughts are in the market research industry today.
What are this blog’s five most recent articles?

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