Marketing: Cause Marketing in Canada

In partnership with the Corporate and Community Social Responsibility Conference at Algonquin College and Branding For Good, Abacus Data conducted a national representative survey of 1,028 Canadians on issues around cause marketing and social responsibility.

Check out our infographic summarizing the results.

Abacus Data’s survey of 1,208 Canadians found that Canadians are interested in knowing how companies are contributing to their communities and how their purchases are making a difference. Divisions among people of different genders, income levels and age groups help break down the Canadian relationship to cause marketing.

Download the report here: Cause Marketing in Canada

Key Findings

Canadians will switch brands for causes they care about

Most Canadians, 79% are willing to switch brands to support the companies they care about.

Majority, 82%, agrees companies should donate to charities and nonprofits.

Young people are willing to go the distance for a cause they care about

Millennials are willing to travel 21 minutes longer on average to buy a product that supports a cause they care about. Baby Boomers are willing to travel 18 minutes on average.

Low-income Canadians are more likely to travel longer to buy a product that supports their cause than those with a high income (over $100,000).

More likely to donate if you’ll match the donation

If a store matches the donation dollar for dollar Canadians say they’re more likely to donate at the checkout link.

Over half, 52%, say they are likely to add a $2 donation to a charity at the grocery check-out.

Company commitment to social and environmental issues is important to Canadians

82% say this is important to where they decide to buy or shop.

65% say this is important in deciding where to invest.

Health, Poverty, Education highest ranked cause priorities for Canadians

Health is most frequently ranked as the top priority for Canadians (23%).

Environmental causes are often ranked among the top three priorities for Canadians (35%).

Canadian customers want to know how their contribution adds value

Above other information on the company’s charitable contributions most Canadians want to know how their impact makes a difference (for example, $1 for every bottle of water sold.)

Canadians are less interested in knowing the company’s total contribution (13% ranked this as their first priority)