How Do I Make A Great Market Research Blog? – Ten Blogging Tips for Beginners

Based on everything I know about blogging, here are 10 quick tips on how to make a fantastic market research blog:

1. Design your blog for easy navigation – Spend time thinking about what layout, colours, fonts, and images help guide your readers through your stories and your entire blog.

2. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions – Personalize your writing style and add in a little humor, but don’t forget, to include the facts and a great argument.

3. Plain text is boring – Stylize your fonts and paragraphs, and add in relevant images, video, and audio to help entice readers, and push your key points.

4. Learn basic HTML – WYSIWYG editors, make mistakes, and can limit what formatting you can apply to your stories, so sometimes, manual coding is essential.

5. A headline is half the story – A good headline will determine if readers will consider reading your latest article, and it will also determine if anyone can find it on a search engine.

6. If you’re not the expert, don’t pretend to be – Write about what you know and encourage others to write about what you don’t.

7. Use Google Alerts – All great posts, start with a great idea, so keep on top of the latest news in your areas of choice.

8. Expose yourself – Join as many online social networks as you can handle, to promote your blog articles to a wider audience.

9. Don’t let your readers go home hungry – Make sure you always have other relevant things on your blog for your most loyal readers to discover and explore.

10. Build a network – Join in on online discussions and build a network of people that share your passion for market research, and other related areas of interest.

Frequently asked questions about blogging:

“What do people often do wrong?”

I often find people start their own blog because they have one or two things they want to share with the world. Unfortunately this isn’t enough to keep your own blog going for very long, but fortunately there are many blogs and blogging networks that will post your article for you. This avoids the common “dead blog” from occurring and still allows people to share the occasional story.

The other thing I quite often see done wrong is poorly marketing a blog and it’s content. If you own a blog and haven’t spent hours upon hours learning about online marketing and search engine optimization, then consider contracting someone to do it for you if you are taking your blogging seriously. A blog that isn’t marketed properly  won’t be read.

“Do you know a blog that is not widely known, but is really good?”

“Really good” is quite relative to what type of information you are seeking. However, a rule of thumb is that a really good blog is easy to find and quickly gains traction among a readership, so no, the blogs I spend most of my time on are fairly well-known. If you are ever looking for a new market research blog to read, Tom H.C. Anderson has put together a fairly comprehensive list on his blog based on readers’ submissions.

“Is there a right or wrong on how often to blog, how long a post should be, and how focused on market research a blog should be?”

The answers to these questions are quite simple actually. Blog as frequently as you can handle, but be consistent as not to alienate your readers. I remember in college one of my radio journalism professors always saying KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! So keep your posts short and simple, if you can explain something clearly in two sentences then don’t drag it out for two paragraphs! Be as focused as possible on your topic area, but don’t be afraid to occasionally write about outside topics that may also be of interest to your readers. Decide early on if you’re going to try to be the “Walmart” of blogs, covering a wide arrange of topic areas, or the “Apple” of blogs, covering a tightly focused quality topic area.

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