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Forrester Blog for Market Research Professionals Scores 5th Place in Top Market Research Blogs of 2011

Forrester Blog

We’re down to the remaining 5 contenders for the top market research blogs of 2011! Are you surprised by where the market research blogs placed in the top 10 so far? Let me know!

Just in case you’re you not sure what this “top 10 blogs” thing is all about, every week I have been posting a quick blog review for one of the top 10 market research blogs of 2011 where I reveal where that blog placed in the top 10.

If you have not been following my top market research blog stories from the beginning, take a look at the articles when I first revealed the top 25 blogs, “The 25 contenders for the top 10 places“, and also when I revealed the top 10 blogs, “The 10 Finalists“.

NOTE: From my original list of top 10 blogs, I have ranked the blogs in order from 1 to 10 based only on my subjective analysis of their market research related content. I strongly suggest you comment if you disagree with my methods!

In 5th place for top market research blogs of 2011 is the Forrester Blog for Market Research Professionals!

What is this market research blog about?

Much like the last blog I reviewed (comScore Voices Blog), the Forrestor Blog for Market Research Professionals is a professional blog owned and run by a large company, in this case, Forrester Research.

Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) is an independent research company that provides pragmatic and forward-thinking advice to global leaders in business and technology. Forrester works with professionals in 19 key roles at major companies providing proprietary research, customer insight, consulting, events, and peer-to-peer executive programs. For more than 27 years, Forrester has been making IT, marketing, and technology industry leaders successful every day.” – Forrester.com

The Forrester Blog for Market Research Professionals is described simply on their blog as “a roll-up of all the posts from analysts who serve Market Insights Professionals”. I personally think this blog is much more than just a compilation of articles from people working in the market research industry.

Just by taking a quick look at the top listed categories on their blog, I could already tell that this blog has some of the most timely articles released about market research:

  1. consumer behavior
  2. The Data Digest
  3. Market research
  4. Social media
  5. Industry Insights
  6. Technographics
  7. MROCs
  8. social market research
  9. Forecasts and Trends

On this blog you can look forward to stories from experts Brad Bortner, Bradford Holmes, Ed Kahn, Jackie Rousseau-Anderson, Reineke Reitsma, Richard Evensen, Roxana Strohmenger, Tamara Barber, and maybe even more in the near future!

The Forrester Blog for Market Research Professionals has been in full swing since mid 2009, providing the market research industry with extremely relevant industry insights each week. The articles posted are not intended for a quick and light read, they are always referring to external sources and internal insights that build a well-developed story around the topic being discussed.

What makes this blog good and what makes it bad?

This blog has been around for almost 2 years now and it is connected to all of the other Forrester blogs, meaning that there is a fair amount of information that has collected for readers to sift through. For example, a quick search on the phrase “social media research” reveals over 350 articles, which should keep any bored researcher busy reading for a few hours.

The blog articles always include colorful charts, tables, and relevant secondary sources to help solidify and validate the stories to researchers. Each of these blog articles also includes some personal opinion from the writer, which often drives many people to comment and engage in conversation about the articles (eg. “The Death of Market Research”). It’s hard to pin down exactly what this blog is focused on, but anything to do with new market research eventually ends up being a topic of discussion.

Forrester’s bloggers are not just active on their blog, they are also often active members of the market research community on Twitter. This ensures that people are always kept up to date with the latest blog releases and also creates a two-way communication engine with their engaged readers.

I would highly recommend the Forrester Blog for Market Research Professionals to anyone who is interested in the most relevant and timely market research topics and discussion. Just make sure you set aside some time before you start reading their articles because I can guarantee you’ll want to read more and will be moved to write some comments.

What are this blog’s five most recent articles?

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Thanks again,

Sean Copeland (@copeland1985)