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Cvent Web Surveys Blog Scores 3rd Place in Top Market Research Blogs of 2011

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There are only a few remaining contenders for the top market research blogs of 2011! This review will cover my view of the 3rd place blog and why I think it performs as well as it does. 

If you’re unaware of what this “top 10 blogs” thing is all about; each week I post a blog review for one of the top 10 market research blogs of 2011 to show where that blog placed in the top 10 and my explanation of why. I would love to hear your comments if you don’t agree with my choices.

Haven’t been reading my top market research blog stories from the beginning? Read the articles when I first revealed the top 25 #mrx blogs, “The 25 contenders for the top 10 places“, and also when I revealed the top 10 #mrx blogs, “The 10 Finalists“.

NOTE: Using my list of top 10 market research blogs, I have ranked the blogs in order from 1 to 10 based only on my subjective analysis of their market research related content.

In 3rd place for top market research blogs of 2011 is the Cvent Web Surveys Blog!

What is this market research blog about?

I’ve been reviewing many blogs over the last few months and most of them have been written by  research companies. I’ve come to assume that most successful blogs are written by companies because they have the resources to keep them relevant and updated.

Cvent is a company that really focuses on three things and they do them well; event management software, web survey software, and event planning software.

Company overview (cvent.com):

  1. Established in 1999
  2. Largest event management software company in the US
  3. 750+ employees worldwide
  4. Profitable for the last 32 straight quarters
  5. Used by 90,000+ event and marketing professionals
  6. Used to manage 275,000 events and surveys
  7. Over 850 million email invitations sent
  8. Over 30 million event registrations and survey responses
  9. Over $25 million invested in R&D

I stumbled across the Cvent blog about a year ago when I was doing some Google research on different web survey platforms and it wasn’t long before I started to read it regularly. The Cvent blog covers such a wide variety of market research topics that you’ll honestly never know what type of article they’ll post next. I find they mostly focus on writing about things that concern entry-level market researchers on the client side, small businesses trying to tackle their own research, or marketers interested in market research.

There are new market research articles posted more often than once per week on this blog and there is a short list of whitepapers available for immediate and free download. Every once and a while they offer free webinars, which mostly focus on their software platform, but can be helpful to new market researchers that are trying to understand different research concepts.

If you’re interested in Cvent’s other software platforms then please take a look at their other blogs:
Cvent Event Planning Blog
Cvent Strategic Meetings Blog

What makes this blog good and what makes it bad?

The Cvent blog is different than the other blogs I have reviewed as it’s written by employees that often see outside of the traditional market research world because of the company’s focus on event management and planning. I find the articles often include interesting ideas about how to better design and use web surveys and how to use surveys to target specific business objectives. Even if you feel like you have a lot of knowledge about surveys, every once and a while you may just find an interesting and innovative point of view in one of their articles.

The Cvent blog has over 1200 articles to read through, which are generally short and to the point. This method of posting short articles is often used as an attempt to promote conversation with readers and maximize relevant content for reader interest. I would recommend following this blog for a short read in the morning on transit, between meetings, or on the plane when you want a little review of your survey knowledge or an interesting point of view on why web surveys should be used.

Cvent is also one of those companies that I follow on Twitter and I find generally they promote some very interesting content that you might otherwise miss as a market researcher. Follow them for a few days on Twitter and see what you think (@cventsurvey).

What are this blog’s five most recent articles?

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Thanks again,

Sean Copeland (@copeland1985)