The Brand Life Cycle: Mature Markets, Emerging Technologies and Innovation

There is a  life cycle for everything that we do, but most often in marketing we refer to product life cycles. Now, take a moment to ask yourself a critical question, “At what stage of life is my brand?”


product life cycle stagesIt is essential that people at all levels of an organization ask themselves this question on a regular basis. New technology has made this an ever-increasingly important question due to the possibility of category disruption. Whether you are a brand manager, an associate director, an analyst or a CEO, you need to know if your brand is growing, maturing, or declining. More importantly, you need to know what you’re going to do to keep it from declining when that point in its life cycle comes along.


“I want to help David Coletto create the most revolutionary insight and strategy firm in Canada!”


Just recently I joined the Abacus Data team as Director of Consumer Research to help them evolve (or disrupt) their brand for the next generation of market research demands. However, long before I started at Abacus Data it was clear to me what needed to be done in the market research world in order to be a successful company, especially in the long-run. Ever since the broad acceptance of services like Survey Monkey, it became clear that the survey industry is at maturity in its ‘product lifecycle’ and, in order to thrive as a company, we must be agile and completely revolutionize consumer research. Regardless of your industry, you should be looking for trends like this before before they destroy the future of your business.

Below is a short video clip that summarizes my top priorities for Abacus Data over the next 12 months:

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Sean Copeland is a certified marketing research professional (CMRP) known for his broad knowledge of the research workflow, his disruptive approach to problem solving and for building strong client relationships. In over 5 years Sean has developed, sold, executed, and managed hundreds of consumer research studies using a variety of new and traditional research methodologies.

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