The BIGGEST Next Gen Market Research Event in History! – DNA Customer Segmentation

Amazing jellyfishWhat?

The New Market Research is holding a one-hour session in Toronto, Ontario on the newest tool in market research … deoxyribonucleic acid driven customer segmentation! 

Don’t miss this once in a life-time opportunity to see a one-of-a-kind DNA customer segmentation tool in action!  


It been called “absolutely stunning!” and “brilliantly beyond it’s time!” by some of the most respected researchers in Canada. This brand new market research tool is working towards a full public release by early 2012 as a DIY market research tool, so come see it in action before everyone else gets the chance! Meet and learn from the tool’s creators, and mingle with other industry experts as they discuss the industry impact of a tool as amazing as this. 

For further details regarding the event please go to the bottom of this post.





Toronto, Ontario



It’s a big surprise.

You cannot have the full details on all of the speakers because we did not get permission to have them at this event. In fact, we’re not even sure if they’re going to show up at all or if this event will actually happen.



To register for this new market research event, it would have to actually exist, which is doesn’t.

Happy April Fools Day!

I’d like to thank my friend Tom H.C. Anderson for inspiring this article: “Now there are always a few market research blogs posting something funny on April 1, but we want this to be the biggest ever celebration of the awesome holiday that teaches us not take ourselves too seriously.” – Tom H.C. Anderson

“Thanks again for reading my market research blog and putting up with today’s April Fools Day antics.” Sean Copeland (An NGMR Top Blog)

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