What do Millennials want?

As strategists and researchers specializing in Canadian Millennials, our job is to answer the question: What do Millennials want?
One of the things we do for our clients are what we call “Millennial Audits”.

These audits are based on seven areas that we believe companies and organizations should consider when they are trying to expand or maintain their Millennial client, customer or stakeholder base.

These are a few of the questions you should be asking.

a) Do we like what you’re doing already?
Millennials are able to tailor their online persona to reveal themselves exactly how they want to be perceived, brands must align with our values.

The important question to ask yourself: Does your company fit with our personal brand?

b) Do we feel comfortable giving you feedback?
Millennials will share their opinion if they think it will be accepted and implemented. Keeping open and constant dialogue and letting us know that our feedback is valued will help you use us to improve your products and services.

The important question to ask yourself: Can we talk to you?

c) Do we think you’re approachable?
Due to our routine of continually checking email, text messages and browsing online we have grown to expect instant response and instant access. Millennials have no tolerance for delays and can become frustrated when our questions or concerns are not addressed immediately.

The important question to ask yourself: Can we get the information we need when we want it?

d) Do you care about what we care about?
Brands that demonstrate social responsibility will be embraced by a large portion of our generation and earn our loyalty. Social initiatives need to stand out to us and align with our key values, oh and we want to actually see what you’re doing.

The important question to ask yourself: What is your company doing that is socially responsible?

e) Do we see you as innovative?
Millennials transition seamlessly between ever-changing technologies and methods of communication. We expect you to be up to speed with the other elements in our lives.

The important question to ask yourself: Are you up to speed?

f) Do we believe your claims?
Our generation is attracted to authentic brands. An authentic brand resonates with Millennials by conveying its true values consistently across communications efforts. Shows us how company values align with our values.

The important question to ask yourself: Are you authentic?

g) Do you get us?
Students, home buyers, parents, this age group spans many different life experiences. Young Canadians face difference social norms than older generations did at the same age.

The important question to ask yourself: Are you in touch with the unique Millennial life stage?


We’ve developed a new model of analysis that is set up to incorporate these questions plus more. Our Millennial Audit triangulates different qualitative research methods, including focus groups, interviews with company managers, mystery shopping, and Millennial review of current company strategies.

The Millennial Audit works with organizations to ask their Millennial clients, customers and stakeholders the right questions, the right way. Most importantly, we give you a grade on how effective your organization is when it comes to engaging and maintain your Millennial target so that you can track your improvement over time.

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Jaime is an Analyst at Abacus Data and a thought leader for its Canadian Millennials research practice.

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