Unlocking the Mystery of the Millennials: A Presentation to Drinks Ontario

Last week I joined our Director of Consumer Research Sean Copeland at the Drinks Ontario Summer Lunchon to watch a Abacus CEO David Coletto’s Keynote address.

photo Drinks Ontario is the provincial trade association representing the interests of manufacturers, agents, importers, marketing groups, trade offices and distributors of beverage alcohol products in Ontario.

The Summer Lunchon is an annual meeting of the Drinks Ontario members, before they all head off for the summer. The topic of David’s talk drew a larger crowd than usual including some executives and managers from the LCBOs.  It seems everyone is interested in unlocking the mystery of Millennials and June was Millennial month on Abacus Insider!

Our day started off from the beautiful Royal Canadian Yacht Club on Toronto’s Center Island, where we mixed and mingled with some of Ontario beverage alcohol elite. We had a few nice glasses of wine while we chatted with the crowds, then our group moved into the lunch portion of the afternoon.

After a delicious lunch and some good conversation around our table, David was introduced to conduct his keynote speech. Now I’ve seen/helped David with a few presentations over past few years and he was spot on his game with this crowd.20130627_140052

The audience was mostly made up of Baby Boomers, and most of them had children of the Millennial generation.

David started off by explaining who the Millennials were, how we and other generations view Millennials, and how we compared to other generations. Then the presentation outlined the YSegmentation and how each have their own beverage alcohol markets.

This lead into a summary of the Canadian Millennials and Beverage Alcohol report, that had been commissioned by our friends at Bevsupport. David outlined that 28% of Canadian Millennials considered themselves regular consumers of alcohol and that another 32% were causal consumers. He covered how wines of various regions across the globe compared in perceived value and quality to each other and what affected the Millennials decisions to buy once in the liquor store.

20130627_135259The presentation wrapped up with a quick summary of what Abacus has to offer the beverage alcohol industry in Ontario, with everything from concept testing, to customer profiling and finally to measuring ROI on marketing campaigns.  Unfortunately, the Q&A session of the presentation had to be cut short due to the strict ferry schedule back to the mainland.

To learn more about Canadian Millennials and beverage alcohol, check out the report over at CanadianMillennials.ca

You can also book David to speak at your next event by contacting him at david@abacusdata.ca or 613-232-2806

Jonathan Nadeau is an Analyst at Abacus Data, a Telfer entrepreneurship student, and a self proclaimed Cork Dork working on his Sommelier certification.

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