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The Oscars Fail to Connect with Millennials

Blogger: David Coletto

I’ll admit it – I love the Oscars.  The pomp, the ceremony, the beautiful women in nice clothes makes for great television.  And while I’m a big Billy Crystal fan and think he’s by far the best host they can find, this year’s Oscars was not Millennial friendly.

Instead of authentically trying to engage us, they made fun of us.  Case in point: Justin Bieber’s appearance in Crystal’s opening monologue in which he says he’s there to “get you the 18 to 24 demographic.”  Probably true – but not the best way to do it.

While the appearance of Justin Bieber and a scene from Twilight  in a montage of “classic” movies is a shout out to young viewers, Crystal often made fun of Millennials and how we interact with media saying that our idea of the big screen is watching a movie on our iPad.

Very few Millennials own iPads.  Why?  Because they are so damn expensive.

Other features of the Oscars demonstrates formal Hollywood’s failure of relevance with Millennials.

1. It’s too damn long.  Very few of us can stay focused for a 3.5 hour show.

2. None of us have seen the movies that won – The Artist?  Seriously?

3. There’s no interaction, no collaboration, nothing!  If you’re going to make us sit through 3.5 hours of television at least encourage a Twitter or Facebook discussion.  It’s a live show so embrace technology.  Don’t completely ignore it.

In analyzing the ratings from Sunday night’s broadcast, it is no surprise that viewership was up slightly.  James Franco and Anne Hathaway were meant to appeal to younger viewers.  They might have succeed if they weren’t so bad at hosting.

The Hollywood Reporter notes:

And while Billy Crystal‘s crowd may have skewed slightly older, it was almost certainly larger. Early viewership returns put the nearly three-hour broadcast at 39.3 million viewers. That’s a 4 percent bump over last year’s 37.9 million final.

There’s no denying that Millennials love movies.  Sure many of us download them and refuse to pay or wait until they appear on Netfix to watch them.  But as  older generations leave this beautiful planet for greener pastures, Hollywood and the producers of the Oscars will have to do better in making the Oscars relevant to us.  Otherwise, we’ll just tune out.

Here’s a clip with the highlights from Billy Crystal’s monologue: