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The new Kids’ Club: Urban Food Shopping

Blogger: Jaime Morrison

For nearly two months now I’ve been shopping at 60 Carlton, the new Loblaws grocery store in the former Maple Leaf Gardens downtown Toronto. It has earned its hype and could be considered the mecca of Millennial grocery shopping.

Six things that my Mom’s grocery store does not have:

  1.  a sushi bar
  2.  cooking classes and demos
  3.  a wall of cupcakes
  4.  a Justin Bieber soundtrack
  5.  Joe Fresh (my favourite clothing store)
  6.  the LCBO (Ontario’s beverage alcohol retailer).

Snacks, entertainment, my ipod’s playlist, cute outfits and drinks; sound like a party? It’s just as much fun. As a Millennial, I am used to flicking through images and content at a quick pace that keeps me engaged. This store has found a way to keep my attention, and I expect it is paying off. A 2010 report produced by Canadian Grocer found that 56% of consumers spent more on groceries and 42% spent more on home cooking where 55% spent less on eating out.

Among Millennials, grocery shopping and cooking meals at home is increasingly popular. Our 2011 Millennial survey found that on average 46% of Millennials will prepare two or three meals at home per day. Most Millennials (62%) say that they usually eat out less than three times a week. The Millennial’s are standing their ground in the kitchen and the retail industry is adapting to make way for our tastes.

The grocery store in my hometown had a marketing program called the “kids’ club” where all of the kids got some giveaway like cookies or stickers to keep us distracted while our parents shopped. Of course, as kids if we had to participate my brother and I would certainly prefer to return to the store that gave us free cookies last time.

I would say that Loblaws Maple Leaf Gardens is the new Kids Club. Discernibly, returning to a typical grocery store grocery store seems painful when a trip to the new sparkling Loblaws is such a treat.