Key Challenges – The Stampeders, Driven to Succeed

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As I explained last week over the next six blog posts we are going to share some of the responses we heard when we asked Millennials to share their opinions about the biggest challenges facing their generation. We asked this question in an online survey of 1,073 Canadian Millennials in October 2012. The conclusions we share here are based on results from just those who fell into our Stampeders segment.  

Today we look at the Stampeders. The Stampeders, are a unique male group of confident, ambitious, and in-the-know Millennials. This group is usually open to new ideas and tries to stay on top of the newest things. Stampeders know how to get what they want and are willing to work hard to reach their goals, but they try to stay well rounded and not lose touch with reality. Stampeders like to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. They are not necessarily the best at everything but they are defined by their strengths. And although Stampeders may seem threatening to their peers, they are well liked among people in their networks who know them.

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The Stampeders are concerned about finding a job where they can make a high salary and have a good living. This group is not only concerned about getting into the industry they want, they are concerned about getting ahead. This group not only wants to enter the workforce, but make a decent living.

One Millennial who fits into this segment explained that he sees a key challenge for his generation is “Making a remarkable impact in the world.” This group wants to be taken seriously while others just want to figure out how they fit in, these young men want to make an impact on the world.

The Stampeders are goal oriented and they want to be able to achieve their own personal priorities, many believe the economy as a barrier to achieving success. While the Stampeders would like steady jobs they are more concerned with gaining financial security at this stage.

This group is highly committed to their careers, while they may be less concerned than some of the other segments about having enough time to participate in their hobbies or other interests they are more concerned with finding a job in a field that will motivate them and keep them interested.

The Stampeders, who are known to keep close relationships with their parents, siblings and extended families see the value in maintaining traditional values while pushing themselves to continue learning and looking at the world in new ways, though this is not an easy task.

To some extent this group shares a trait with some of the other segments who feel frustrated that they were ill prepared to face the realities of life beyond post-secondary school. The Stampeders expected to have the same quality of life as their parents had while they were growing up and at this stage for some, it seems difficult to achieve.

Many in this group see their situation as unfair. As one respondent stated, “university costs more, jobs pay less, there is less job security, housing costs are exorbitant and there is little housing available.” More broadly the Stampeders see the realities of the economy and can become frustrated as they struggle to work within it.

While they see the same economic and employment challenges as their peers, these Millennials still strive for more. They want to make their mark on the world and are willing to work towards gaining the skills they’ll need to help them do so.

Employers need to work with the Stampeders to figure out what their goals are and to show them how the work they do will contribute to their longer term goals.  While this may seem simple, it is a crucial step for keeping these ambitious and driven young employees on staff.

Marketers looking to speak to this trend setting group need to keep in mind that Stampeders want to make their own unique mark, they are struggling to stand out and look to find ways to set themselves apart.

Finally, the Stampeders know that they are facing a tough economy and see government and older generations as largely to blame for some of the current problems facing their generation. The Stampeders are seeking the training and skills that will set them apart in the work place and help them to develop and maintain financial security.

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