Millennials see the pipeline debate differently than most other Canadians.

Only 20% of Millennials support the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal to ship oilsands bitumen from Kitimat along the B.C. coast. Comparatively 33% of other Canadians say that they either somewhat or strongly support the pipeline that would transport bitumen or raw oil products from Northern Alberta to tankers off the coast of British Columbia. They were also most likely to say they were strongly opposed (20%). Overall, 37% of Millennials said they were either somewhat or strongly opposed to the pipeline.

Few Millennials said that they were following the pipeline issue closely. Less than one in ten (7%) Canadian Millennials said that they were following the pipeline issue closely, where over seven in ten (71%) of Millennials said that they were not following the news on the Northern Gateway Pipeline. Compared to older Millennials, 43% said they were closely following the news on this issue.

It is not surprising that few Millennials in Canada are paying little attention to the pipeline issue, however, if asked specifically about their opinions on the Northern Gateway Pipeline Millennials are more likely than any other group to say that they think development of the oils sands should be reversed and not expanded.

There was particularly low support for the pipeline among Millennials living in British Columbia. They were much more likely to strongly oppose the pipeline, almost half, 46% said they strongly opposed and less than 1% said they strongly supported the pipeline; indicating a trend among Millennials, and particularly those living in British Columbia, away from support for the pipeline.



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