Millennial Moms – All Grown up and Ready to Spend

For some reason, this week we can’t help but think about Millennial Moms.

Yep, Millennials are in their 30’s, 20s and there are more on the way. We grow up fast and we are starting families of our own.

This recent Forbes article, All grown up and ready to spend: Millennial Moms shares some important insights for marketers who are looking to succeed with this new generation of moms.

Here is some advice we like for winning over Millennial Moms:

Customize the message – understand the nuances of the Millennial Mom audience, every Millennial parent is carving out their own path in raising children. Learning what works for them. Abacus Data’s Millennial Research Practice focuses our research strategies with an understanding that the Millennial cohort is not all the same. For example, the Achievers are much more likely to seek life cycle activities like parenthood and career landmarks than the Fireflies, another all-female segment.

Find the influencers – Moms see their peers as a more credible source than industry experts. Millennials take advice from those they trust. We know that people in this generation are highly influenced by their peers and role models both in class and online, and Millennial moms aren’t any different.

Don’t disconnect – Millennial Moms use technology like online shopping, to make their lives easier. Smart phones keep them connected whereever they are. Forbes says that, “The brands that commit to providing customized experiences and solutions through modern avenues will join mom’s circle of trust.” We have found that those in the Achievers segment are much more likely to have the latest technology and are also more likely to want to be parents.

Millennial Moms share – Moms post reviews and share their feedback about brands and products online. Create ways to enlist feedback and listen. The Forbes article suggested, “Win mom over as a brand that listens, and she’ll be an advocate for life.” This Mr. Youth article makes the case that, like many college students, Millennial Moms can often be guilty of the overshare on their own social media channels.

It is important for marketers to understand the intricacies of the incoming Gen Y Mom and to adapt to make the most of an engaged and active buying-force if they want to be successful over the long term.

Abacus Data Segment to Watch: The Achievers

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