Let’s talk about Millennials and CSR

Blogger: David Coletto

On November 6, I am will be chairing a panel at the Corporate and Community Social Responsibility Conference at Algonquin College.

This is the 5th annual CCSR Conference which is brings together CSR leaders in business, non-profits, and government to discuss and showcase excellence in corporate social responsibility.

The objective of our session is to discuss Canada’s emerging generation of consumers, employees, and social entrepreneurs and how they will change the face of business.

The session will start with a short introduction on who Canadian Millennials are, what makes us different, and why everyone should care what we think.  Then I will be joined by three exciting panelists who will bring their perspective on how companies and community organizations can harness the power of generational change.

Dave Hale founder and CEO of Soshal Group will bring his expertise marketing to Millennials and the power that social media can play in energizing and activating Millennials.

Colin Horgan, a political reporter with iPolitics, will bring his perspective on how politics, the media, and Millennials intersect.

Roger Brenninkmeyer, Founder & Executive Director of Branding for Good, will discuss the findings of a new national survey conducted by Abacus Data on cause marketing and discuss how brands are combining causes with their marketing efforts.

You can find more information about the session and those panelists mentioned above here.

Hope to see you there!