June is all about Canadian Craft Brew Festivals and Millennials love Craft Beer

Our CanadianMillennials.ca Blogger, Jonathan Nadeau has been blogging about the best of Canadian craft beer and wine, here’s his take on Craft Brew Festivals this June:

June is not only Canadian Millennial month here at Abacus Insider, it is also a great month for fans of craft beer, with plenty of major craft brewing festivals from coast to coast.

They include:

Vancouver Craft Beer Week 2013 | May 31 to June 8
Vancouver, BC

Beach BBQ & Brew Fest | June 14 to June 16
Woodbine Park – Toronto, ON

Edmonton Craft Beer Festival | June 14 to June 15
Expo Center, Northlands Park – Edmonton, AB

Newfoundland Beer Fest | June 14 to June 15
St. John’s Convention Centre – St. John’s, NL

East Kootenay Beer Fest | June 14 to June 15
Fairmont Hot Springs Resort – Fairmont Hot Springs, BC

Ontario Craft Beer Week 2013 | June 16 to June 23
Across Ontario


London Beer and BBQ Festival | June 21 to June 22
Progress Building, 900 King St. E. – London, ON

Session Toronto | June 22
Wychwood Barns – Toronto, ON

Cider Fest | June 22
Puddicombe Estate, 1468 Highway #8 – Winona, ON

Central City Summer Cast Festival | June 29
Central City Brewing – Surrey, BC

With all these opportunities to get your hands on some delicious beer, you might wonder what’s with this obsession with craft beers?

Price and quality have been driving a lot of people over to craft beer. They are usually priced at a premium over their mass brewed counterparts, but the price gap seems to be shrinking making the product more affordable for beer lovers.

This is all going on while the quality and taste (for many consumers) of the craft beers remains higher than that of the big breweries. The attention to detail put into craft beer also catches the Millennial consumer’s eye, craft beer in the United States only makes up about 7% of the market but employed 50% of the staff working in the brewing industry. Millennials have recognized the value for money that craft beers provide and more are turning to quality over quantity.

Millennials are a generation that carry themselves as individual, and craft beer gives them the perfect opportunity to express this. The beers are as unique as their drinkers, and each offers their own set of characteristics that Millennials can identify with. It’s like finding a band no one has heard of, there is a sense of pride in the discovery.

These discoveries of craft beers are rarely kept to themselves. Millennials practically live on social media and love to share their new discoveries. They want to share the cool new beers they have found, and have formed community around them. This combined with good social media presence on the part of the brewers has lead to wide growth in popularity of many craft breweries.

So if you have a chance this month do the Millennial thing and get out and discover some craft beer. Don’t forget to share them with friends.

If you’re looking to track down our Millennial craft-beer drinkers find Jonathan at events throughout Ontario Craft Beer Week 2013, June 16 to June 23. And find Sean Copeland, at a BeerSnob Drink N’ Learn Business Networking event on June 7 in Toronto where he hopes to meet up with some familiar faces!

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Jonathan Nadeau is an Analyst at Abacus Data, a Telfer entrepreneurship student, and a self proclaimed Cork Dork working on his Sommelier certification.

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