From the vaults: 60 Minutes Profiles the “Millennials”

A few years ago, 60 Minutes ran a profile on the Millennial generation called – “The Millennials are Coming!”

The profile was quite negative describing almost profiling us like some species of animal in some far off land.

So, not surprisingly, we fought back using what we know what to use best – video and YouTube.  A number of spoofs of the profile appeared instantly.  My favourite is shown below the 60 Minutes segment.

My favourite though are the “crash” courses on Millennials being offered by non-Millennials. Our little business here is all about doing this better.

David Coletto is CEO of Abacus Data and leads its Public Affairs research practice. He has a PhD from the University of Calgary and is an adjunct professor at Carleton University.  He’s an avid road cyclist.

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