F— I’m in my Twenties

Blogger: Jaime Morrison

The New York Times recently published a profile on a blog that I’ve been reading.

Emma Koenig’s blog, F— I’m in my Twenties depicts a jaded and underemployed American twenty-something and, for the most part, Canadian Millennials can relate.

The New York Times’ profile of blogger Emma Koenig identifies her as “emblematic” of the Millennial generation. I wanted to find out whether or not Koenig’s representation of my generation could be extended to Canadian Millennials too.

“At 24 Emma Koenig has amassed all the accouterments of her generation: a string of low-paying (and no-paying) jobs… the lease on an overpriced, undersized apartment stuffed with a rotating cast of Craigslist roommates, which she eventually gave up to move back in with her parents.”

Does this sound like you?

Similarities like formal post-secondary education, regular connection to social networking, and place of residence connect Millennials in Canada to this twenty-something blogger.

Do you live on Social Media?

In our 2011 survey of 1005 Millennials aged 18 – 30 we found that around nine in ten (89%) have a Facebook account and like Emma, they mostly use it to stay updated on what friends are doing, get news about events and learn about new friends or acquaintances. The majority of Canadian Millennials who have a Facebook account check in at least once a day.

Did you go to school?

We asked Millennials about their level of education. Like Koenig, over half, 53% of Millennials said they had attended or are currently attending University, though only 28% of Millennials have already received a bachelor’s degree from a university.

Do you hate your job?

Koenigs latest string of jobs included, “coat-check girl, cashier at a sandwich shop and intern at a production company.” The unemployment rate among Canadian youth who are not enrolled as students is around 13%. However, among those who are employed most say that they like their job.

Our survey found that 74% of Millennials who are currently employed said they like or love their job. Only 3% said they disliked their job and 22% felt indifferent, identifying “meh” as the best fitting description of their job. It seems that Koenig may have been a little more jaded than some when it comes to the job hunt.

Do you live with your parents?

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Koenig represents the unique living situation this generation faces, “So, you’ve moved back in with your parents huh? How’s that going?” “Well, I’ve been watching a lot of ‘Breaking Bad’ in my underwear in my childhood bedroom. I only started two weeks ago and I’m already halfway through season four! So I’m actually being super productive.”

Throughout the blog Koenig describes her renting situation and then moving back in with her parents. A recent Pew study reported that one in four of all 18-34-year-olds said they had moved back in with their parents. Koenig also represents this group of young Canadians who are drifting between living at home and renting their own place. We asked Millennials where they lived. Three in ten, (30%) said they live with their parents rent-free, 47% rent an apartment and 23% own their own home or condo.

This American Gen Y’s blog is a close comparison to Canadians from this generation and particularly those who live near an urban area. On most topics that are covered in the twenty-something’s blog Koenig measures up to the typical case of Canadians in this age group.