Old Economy Steve – A Canadian Millennial Perspective

Old Economy Steve

Old Economy Steve; We like this Meme.

Millennials are more likely to be employed part time or looking for work than any other generation. Since 2008 the unemployment rate among young people has been consistently higher than that of the average Canadian and Millennials in Canada can feel the pressure.

Like I talked about in this April blog post, Millennials across all segments rank finding employment or the right career among their top concerns. This is in part due to life-stage effects, meaning that right now the Millennials are just graduating and entering the work force or still developing their careers, whereas older Canadians have been in the work force a while. However, Statistics Canada numbers on unemployment are reflected in the messages we take from Old Economy Steve; Millennials are having a tougher time finding work, compared to their parents’ generation.

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Jaime is an Analyst at Abacus Data and a thought leader for its Canadian Millennials research practice.

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