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Digital Citizenship?

Blogger: Jaime Morrison

At last week’s Federal Liberal Party convention Don Tapscott discussed how Canadians must rethink government, democracy and politics for the age of 
networked intelligence

He outlines the concept of Wikinomics that he has defined in his 2007 book and then refined in his 2010 book, Macrowikinomics,

“Due to a number of changes in technology, demographics and the economy… we are at a turning point in human history where we need to rebuild many of the institutions that have served us throughout decades or even centuries.”

Tapscott is an important Canadian author who understands the technological prowess of his children’s generation and has made important contributions to the discussion around the collaborative model and the way technology is changing the world. I was lucky to see him speak a few months ago in Toronto and I think this lecture captures an even better image of the Canadian political sphere. If you missed it check out this video.


For more from Don Tapscott tune into his five-part series ReCivilization on CBC Radio One, about communications, innovation and learning in the “digital age.”