Asking Y – New series from the Huffington Post Canada


Today, the Huffington Post Canada launched a new series called Asking Y.

Abacus Data was commissioned by the Huffington Post Canada to conduct a national survey of Canadian Millennials aged 18 to 30 in late October. A lot of the content in the series will feature references to the survey results.

There is a lot of interest about how to motivate, engage, and empower Millennials and we’re excited to be the research partner with the Huffington Post on this project.

About a year ago, Abacus Data launched a new research practice called Canadian Millennials with its own online home at  Since our launch we have been actively doing research and thinking about what makes our generation, the Millennials, tick.

We specialize in conducting research (quantitative and qualitative) with Millennials on topics ranging from human resources, consumer behaviour and marketing, and public affairs.  We also conduct Millennial Audits that help organizations focus on ways to improve their interaction and engagement with Millennials.

We have spoken to groups across the country including at the national Credit Union conference in Vancouver, Credit Union Central 1 in Toronto, and to the City of Toronto Treasurer’s Office.