If you aren’t mobile, I don’t want you! – Millennials; Unloyal to Loyalty Cards

Over the past few years I have collected plenty of loyalty cards, I have 3 different gas stations, Shopper’s, Airmiles, Plum Rewards, and just about every coffee shop you can think of. Most ultimately end up in the same place, the drawer next to my desk. 

I get asked every time I visit stores if I have their card, and I have the same response time and time again “Yes but not with me”. It’s not a matter of wanting them to have my information or anything along those lines. It boils down to not wanting to carry a millions cards in my wallet.   

This is where the concept of integrating mobile rewards on phones is so intriguing to me.  I keep my Starbucks card on my phone, and seeing as my phone is never more than a few inches from me at any given time, I use their rewards program diligently, same goes for Cineplex Scene rewards at the movies. The one card I keep around is my Airmiles, and I was delighted to see Airmiles release a mobile app last year, but much to my chagrin it still does not have any integration of a scannable barcode. I eventually ditched the card in favour of a Credit Card with Airmiles built in.

The other reward mobile loyalty programs offer is the curiosity factor. It’s one thing when you see someone pull a card out of their wallet at Starbucks to pay for a coffee, it’s a whole other process when you see them open an app on their phone.  I originally enrolled because I wanted to pay for something from my phone, and now that the wonder has died off, I’ve just gotten into the habit of it.

I, along with many others, have a hard time staying loyal to loyalty programs with a lack of mobile support. I don’t want to keep a rolodex of cards with me anytime I’m shopping. Millennials are the most interconnected generation ever, with a good majority having a smart phone glued to them. We also like to stay immediately informed; with apps we can see how many reward points we have and even know what we can spend them on right away.

So in my books if you aren’t mobile, you just aren’t worth the hassle.

Jonathan Nadeau is an Analyst at Abacus Data, a Telfer entrepreneurship student, and a self proclaimed Cork Dork working on his Sommelier certification.

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