The Best of Huffington Post Canada’s Asking Y Series

Last year, the Huffington Post Canada commissioned a survey of Canadian Millennials aged 18 to 30 with Abacus Data.

The survey results were used in a number of articles as part of it is series called Asking Y.

There was a lot of great content produced in the series that I highly recommend reading for anyone interested in the Canadian Millennial Generation or Gen Y.

Some of my favourites include:

Generation Y in Canada: Millennial Dreams Hijacked by Unflinching Reality of the Great Recession

A great feature article by  looking at the reality now faced by Canada’s emerging generation.

Generation Y vs. Boomers in Canada: Is it Really Tougher for Millennials to Get Ahead Today than Past Generations?

It’s a common assumption that when it comes to careers and the economy, young Canadians aged 18 to 30 have it tougher than previous generations: Job security is harder to come by, the cost of living is higher and the government’s social safety net less generous.

But is it true? To find out, The Huffington Post Canada dug through decades of data to measure just much tougher it is to get started in life today for the Millennial Generation than it was for the Baby Boom Generation, that large group now in their fifties and sixties.

Generation Y and Religion: As Church Attendance Falls, Young Believers Ponder the Future of Faith

An exclusive survey of 1,004 Canadian millennials conducted for The Huffington Post Canada found 51 per cent of respondents said they never attend a religious institution. Just 12 per cent said they attend weekly, with attendance highest among millennials in central Canada (23 per cent) and lowest in Quebec (3 per cent).

Gen Y Still Wants to Buy

The vast majority of millennials value homeownership and want to buy a home, but they are less certain on where they want to live and whether they will ever be able to afford it, a new survey indicates.

The poll, done exclusively for The Huffington Post Canada by Abacus Data, found 73 per cent of millennials who currently rent or live at home want to own a house or condo before reaching the age of 31, and 85 per cent feel it is somewhat or very important to own their own home one day.

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