Abacus Energy Month – Jaime Visits MaRS Energy Data Hackathon

This past weekend Abacus Data Analyst Jaime Morrison was volunteering at a MaRS Data Catalyst event in Toronto, the first ever MaRS Energy Hackathon.

The challenge was to come up with an app idea that would connect Green Button energy consumption data to the consumer.

A packed room filled with (mostly Millennial) designers and coders took to the task to come up with the best idea they could in the span of two full days; most participants stayed through the night working on their project ideas or getting advice from industry-mentors.

Information about the winning ideas can be found on the marsdd.com site as discussed by Sasha Sud,  the Energy Data Project Manager at MaRS Data Catalyst.

Winner of the Best App Award: Electric Company with their project Barkly

  • Project description: Barkly is an app that allows consumers to manage energy consumption with a focus on getting parents and children to work together based on positive reinforcement. A tree interface translates kilowatts into real examples and gives energy-saving tips based on consumption (the latest day compared to the previous five days).

First runner-up for the Best App Award: Qriket with their project Wattage

  • Project description: Wattage recommends the best times to use electricity, focusing on conservation and engaging the consumer through the concept of peak hours.

Second runner-up for the Best App Award: Space Bears with their project Spring Gauge

  • Project description: Spring Gauge focuses on the consumer by leveraging SMS to deliver energy consumption data. After signing into the Spring Gauge website, users can get Green Button data sent to them by text.

Continue to follow Abacus Energy Month for more details on David Coletto’s speech at the OEA Conference later this week!


Jaime is an Analyst at Abacus Data and a thought leader for its Canadian Millennials research practice.

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